Project stages

Start the project management activities and analyze the current state of technological development and relevant existing systems. SWOT analysis of the concepts, methods and innovative solutions of the relevant systems analyzed. Elaboration of the concept for the proposed solution: SIC4I innovative integrated system
Development and development of experimental models, protection of intellectual property rights and dissemination of results
Design and production of technical documentation prototype design and prototype with extended functionality. The Pilot Model Development and Testing Validation and Validation under Real Conditions
Testing of operational evaluation, procedural documentation and the implementation of SPP operators

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  • Body Camera
  • On-Site Security
  • Threat & Rist Assessment
  • Agent Monitoring
  • Life & Fire Protection
  • GPU Architecture
  • Virtual Reality
  • Blockchain
  • Explosion Simulator
  • Cyber Security

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The entire project is runned on a close observation of Military Technical Academy