The general objective of the project is to create a hardware and software platform to provide support in substantiating decisions and coordinating activities in crisis situations. Thus, the main objective is to make a prototype module for "command and control of intervention teams", to which will be added modules for "simulation, analysis, evaluation and graphical representation of the effects on buildings and people, resulting from explosions in urban space and remote monitoring system, of the physiological parameters of the intervention teams.

To carry out this project we propose the implementation of hardware and software architecture of C4I system: command and control, communications, computers and information.

The development and functioning of the "Integrated System for Crisis Support and Intervention Management" (9SOL) are based on data and information on events, environment, tactical space and troops, which influence or determine the tactical-operational actions and which, following the processes processing, analysis, visualization, storage and capitalization, substantiates the decision and contributes substantially to obtaining informational superiority.

9SOL project comprises modular software structures, systems and procedures designed to produce information and make it available to decision makers by viewing it on the digital touch screen.


The operation process of the 9SOL system is performed in a cycle that includes four modules:




1. Mission planning - is the way in which the requests for information needed to plan missions are centralized in relation to operational needs, synchronization between research / information operations and tactical / operational plans, also allows the creation of a GIS field information architecture as close as possible to in relation to the specifics of the mission, the forces and the means of intervention that will be allocated to the deployment of the mission.


3. Processing - is the way in which the raw data collected are transformed into information processed through the process of collation, analysis, evaluation, integration, interpretation, production, storage and evaluation. The evaluation and verification of data and information occupies a particularly important place throughout the execution of missions.

2. Real-time information gathering - is the module in which sources, sensors and other forces and means available provide, based on the collection plan, raw data that are made available in real time to decision makers for analysis and operation; sources of information are the means or systems used to observe, detect, record or transmit data on conditions, situations and events (fixed and mobile video cameras, microphones, physiological parameters specific to the agents performing the mission, drones, communication equipment, GPS location) .


4. Distribution / Visualization - is the module in which information is transmitted in a form appropriate (reports) to decision makers. Depending on the direction of information distribution, it can be vertical or horizontal


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