Computer assisted identification and analysis of threats, vulnerabilities, evaluation of risks and mission planning, decision substantiation and coordinating the activity of intervention teams and also the analysis of impact of the overall result of mission.

Calculation of the explosion parameters in air, simulation, analysis and evaluation of the impact of shockwaves on buildings, simulation and evaluation of the effect of an explosion on persons.

Realization of a hardware subsystem named Digital touchpad table and another hardware and software subsystem for acquiring video stream from mobile intervention teams or acquired from different devices (smartphone, VR glasses, body-worn cameras and also mounted on vehicles) and also integration and live streaming of video data.

Realization of a system for accessing and monitoring remotely of physiologic and location data acquired trough mobile devices (biosensors, smartwatch, bracelets) worn by the intervention team ongoing mission.

Development of an innovative system SIC4I – integrated system C4I with innovative solutions for development and interconnection of the previous mentioned systems, also with other systems from SNAOPS.

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The entire project is runned on a close observation of Military Technical Academy